[3dprinter-general] 3D-printer packaging

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Thu Jan 23 23:23:47 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 07:45:45PM +0100, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> I disagree with you :-) git-buildpackage enforces a branch structure, allows
> you to integrate upstream tarballs in your repository, etc. As we have "young"
> upstreams, I think we'll have to handle our share of tarball repacking, and
> being able to use pristine-tar will be valuable.
> I can write the list of instructions on the wiki.

I don't have such a strong preference as it might have sounded.  I do
think it's important we choose to use one system for all packages.  And
if git-buildpackage works well, I'm in favor of using it.  So yes,
please write the instructions.  I'll want at least:
- How to create a new package
- How to change a package
- How to sponsor a package
- How to ask for a sponsor outside the team
- How to handle an externally sponsored package (meaning the sponsor
  didn't touch git).

I heard from several sides that git-buildpackage needs a repository per
package, but AFAIK we have only one at Alioth.  Is that not true, or is
there a solution?  (Yes, I use git, but only basic features.)

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