[3dprinter-general] IRC chan for the team and attracting more team members

Andrea Colangelo warp10 at debian.org
Fri Jan 24 16:29:14 UTC 2014

Hello team,

as an avid IRC user, I'd like to suggest the creation of an IRC chan
for the team meambers to hang out on and share ideas. If nobody has
something against this, I'll ask IRCops to create #debian-3dprinting.

BTW, given that IRC is usually a great welcome point for new
contributors, it could be a good way to gather more contributors too.
Since we are quite a young team and very few people know us, I'll blog
on the planet about this team, hopefully we can see more people asking
to join us.


Andrea Colangelo                      |   http://andreacolangelo.com
Debian Developer <warp10 at debian.org>  |   Ubuntu Developer <warp10 at ubuntu.com>

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