[3dprinter-general] debian blends

Thorsten Alteholz debian-3dprinting at alteholz.de
Mon Mar 31 19:59:42 UTC 2014


with the help of Andreas Tille I added 3dprinter to the Debian blends [1][2].
The corresponding repository is available at [3]. It is just a first step 
and the task file needs some polishing. If it looks good, I will upload 
the meta packages. As a result one should just do for example
  apt-get install 3dprinter-general
and get all packages related to 3d printing.


[1] http://blends.debian.org/blends/
[2] http://blends.debian.org/3dprinter/
[3] git://git.debian.org/git/blends/projects/3dprinter.git

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