[3dprinter-general] Bug#742704: ImplicitCad in Debian

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Sat May 24 00:03:46 UTC 2014


Someone requested that ImplicitCad be included in Debian.  I'd be the one doing
that, and after checking it out, I must say I'm rather excited about it.  This
has (almost ;-) [1]) all the features that I've been missing in OpenScad.
However, there is a minor issue, which I hope you can help with:

I don't know Haskell.  This means I would make sure the package builds right
and that bug reports are handled (which means fixing the packaging or passing
them to you); Debian's Haskell team has offered to help with the Haskell part,
but they don't want to take over from you.

So what it means is that we need you to continue responding to bug reports and
fixing things when needed.  I really don't know how much work that is; I guess
you know better.

Normally I would just assume that you would do this, but it's been some time
since you last pushed any changes to github, so I'm slightly worried that you
may have abandoned the project.

Can you please let me know the status?


[1] The one feature which is not in either of them, as far as I could see, is
the 3-D variant of "polygon offsetting": growing or shrinking an object.

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