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Tue Aug 9 14:34:01 UTC 2016

Compliment of the day!

Dear Sir,

I am Dr Asare Akuffo,the New Deputy Governor Director Of Operation
Bank Du Atlantique in charge of Operations Directorate, the attention
of the Board and Management of the Bank Du Atlantique Lome Togo, has
drawn to the attempts you have made through some people who claim to
be officials of the Bank Du Atlantique and some Federal Government
prostates, which is aimed at receiving payment for contract duly
executed by your company or Relatives.

your Contract/Inheritance Payment which has been delayed for several
years back because of unforeseen reasons that are not of your own
making as a Contractor/beneficiary to Federal Government of Togo, it
was the formal Bank Governor, who was sack on 20th of Feb 2015 by Mr.
President, having withheld the release of payments for his selfish

Having approved this payment again by Senate House Committee after
confirming my appointment,I have to make sure all outstanding payment
are release immediately, now Your contract/Inheritance funds are due
to be remitted into your account, but we are finding it difficult to
reach your bank and have the correct bank details for successful
transfer of this funds, because a lot of errors and damage was found
in your contract/Inheritance payment files thereby make it difficult
for us to get the correct Bank account for the release of your
approved full or part payment US$14,Million

Could you please let us have the accurate bank account coordinates for
final transfer of your funds and also response to me immediately you
are in receipt of this mail to know the date of transfer, kindly
reconfirm your details such as full names,contact address and copy of
your ID Card

I will appreciate you Furnish me with the following datas:-

1. Your full names.
2. Your complete address.
3. Your age and Sex.
4. Your occupation.
5. Marital status.
6. Your country of origin supported by an Identification documents.
7. Your contact phone number.

to able us do the final reconciliation on your files before the
transfer will be made respectively to you accurate bank account.

Finally, do not forget to reconfirm your private Tel/fax for
confidential documents.

Your urgent response is highly expected.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Asare Akuffo
Director Of Operation
+228 906 245 14

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