[3dprinter-general] Bug#872275: slic3r-prusa: Loadable library and perl binary mismatch

Niko Tyni ntyni at debian.org
Wed Aug 16 19:29:11 UTC 2017

Control: severity -1 serious

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 08:28:56AM -0700, wiiliamchung360 wrote:
> Package: slic3r-prusa
> Version: 1.31.4-1
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> After an upgrade, it no longer works and throws this error:
> "buildtmp/XS.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got
> handshake key 0xdb80080, needed 0xde00080)"
> Could this be a dependency problem?

Indeed, thanks for reporting it.

As with #869360, the package is missing a dependency on perlapi-*,
violating the Debian Perl Policy and losing the guards that make sure
compiled Perl modules are binary compatible with the current Perl version.

The other bug has some discussion and a suggested fix.

Once this is fixed, the slic3r-prusa maintainer should file a bug against
perl so we can add a Breaks entry for older versions. This makes sure
partial upgrades from stretch work.
Niko Tyni   ntyni at debian.org

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