[3dprinter-general] Bug#706656: ITP: cura -- Controller for 3D printers

Gregor Riepl onitake at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 18:52:46 UTC 2017

>> The package is on mentors.debian.net, but you also need to get all the
>> dependencies if you want to build it yourself:
>> https://mentors.debian.net/packages/uploader/onitake%40gmail.com
> Is this the same code as on git.debian.org?

Yes. The source packages I pushed to Debian Mentors correspond to the branches
on git.debian.org.

> OK.  The most important part to review before uploading is
> debian/copyright.  Errors there will block the package from entering
> Debian.  All other errors can be fixed when the package is in unstable. :)

This was a concern initially, but has been resolved.
I checked all files for inconsistent license headers and verified that there
were no leftovers. Bas suggested removing shipped dependencies that are
already available in Debian, and I patched those out successfully.

As far as I can see, there is nothing in the way of code licenses that would
block a release. A license compatibility cross-check may still be useful -
perhaps I missed something.

> It did seem quite complicated.  Some of it could be made easier by
> adding a debian/gpb.conf file, and some of it could perhaps be made
> easier by using gbp import-orig.  Why do you use release branches?  I
> normally do not.

Mostly because upstream works with release branches too. Branches make code
comparison a bit easier.
But since Ultimaker doesn't do minor releases anyway (or hasn't so far), that
seems overkill.
I have no preference personally.

> Btw, you might find this look useful to include in your README:
>   while quilt push ; do quilt refresh; done
> It will refresh all patches unless one of them cause a problem.

Ok. That's a good idea. :)

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