[3dprinter-general] Bug#881482: fdm-materials: Incomplete debian/copyright?

Gregor Riepl onitake at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 18:31:47 UTC 2017

Hi Chris,

> I just ACCEPTed fdm-materials from NEW but noticed it had:


Looks like this bug (and the one for the license issues in libsavitar) was not
sent to the 3dprinter list, so I missed it until now. Sorry.

>   9  The original release lacked a license. This was acknowledged by
>  10  the copyright holder and addressed in this issue thread:
>  11  https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1779#issuecomment-311312453
> .. in debian/copyright.
> Please quote this text inline; links can die and, of course, requiring
> internet access is a little annoying as well as prevents static analysis
> of the text.

You are right - this can go away completely.
The justification was meant for version 2.5 - which lacked a license.

A LICENSE file has been added by upstream since, so no justification is needed
any more.
I will fix this ASAP.


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