[3dprinter-general] Error in cura packaging

Gregor Riepl onitake at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 17:57:11 UTC 2018


>> reportbug cura
> Never worked here.

You mean reportbug didn't work for you?
In that case I understand your frustration, but that is outside my control.

The "proper" way to report bugs in Debian is the BTS, not a mailing list.
Ask any Debian Developer or Maintainer and they will tell you the same.

> Bug tracker is maybe very easy to use for devs, but much less for users.
> Already used it a couple of times.
> Takes too much time.

Excuse me???

How is filing a proper bug report more work than sending a mail to a user
group? Think about it: By avoiding the bug tracker, you burdened me with
additional work. If you had sent the report to the BTS in the first place, I
could have concentrated on the important bits - i.e. getting a fix quicker to you.

> If the goal of the BTS is to ease the task for the devs, success.
> If it's to help users fill in more bug reports to participate in Debian ... I think there
> are some inprovements to be made.

That may be the case, but remember that Debian is a community project, with
all work done by volunteers. If you don't like it, do it better.

> Once again, not much time left for this problem, and not much time for Debian devs either,
> they told me to look for another system if I was not pleased with their choices ...

I wouldn't go that far - but your behaviour doesn't exactly motivate me to do
anything for you. Perhaps you should indeed find somebody who is willing to
provide better user support to you?


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