[3dprinter-general] cura-engine regression failures

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Fri Jan 31 09:48:09 GMT 2020

Re: Gregor Riepl 2020-01-30 <016cb514-fdb2-e28d-5d75-8029870ad927 at gmail.com>
> From your last mail, I thought that the integration test was failing, but now
> it's actually the unit tests?

Build-time tests. The autopkgtests are unfortunately running on
amd64+arm64 only (ppc64el is configured on ci.debian.net, but afaict
it's seriously lagging behind).

> I know that upstream sometimes doesn't care too deeply about the unit tests,
> but these failures seem pretty bad. Particularly arm and arm64 may be of
> interest to them, as there will probably be quite a few people who run Cura on
> Raspberry Pies.

Ack. But for Debian, we'd want fixes on all release architectures...
though maybe we could ignore the tests on some of the architectures in
order to get the package pass, and maybe the regressions aren't that
bad in practice. (It would be wonderful to have per-package popcon
statistics per architecture.)


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