[3dprinter-general] Bug#951033: Bug#951033: cura: UI not usable in 4.4.1

Mateusz Skowroński skowri at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 20:05:59 GMT 2020

Here is my monitor info:

f3nix at bigspider:~$ xdpyinfo | grep -B 2 resolution
screen #0:
  dimensions:    7680x4320 pixels (1393x784 millimeters)
  resolution:    140x140 dots per inch
f3nix at bigspider:~$

No scaling.

Fonts look good but the controls are misplaced.

I'm attaching the start log.

There are some warnings regarding widths, heights... I do not know if
it would be useful.


pon., 10 lut 2020 o 09:01 Gregor Riepl <onitake at gmail.com> napisał(a):
> > After upgrading to 4.4.1 the UI is not usable. See screenshot. The dialog is
> > all messed up.
> > Appimage version works as expected.
> >
> > Deleting the config folder is even worse. I can't get past the settings wizard.
> Thank you for the bug report.
> The issue is known and reproducible, but a solution isn't known yet.
> I suspect it's got something to do with Qt and HiDPI handling.
> What DPI setting do you use for font rendering?

AKA f3nix AKA metyl AKA skowri ;)
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