[3dprinter-general] Bug#985473: slic3r: symbol lookup error after gcode export

Bernhard Übelacker bernhardu at mailbox.org
Fri Apr 2 16:56:01 BST 2021

Dear Maintainer,
tried to export the example files delivered with prusa-slicer
e.g. AK_Bed.stl, but could  not  reproduce the fault inside
a minimal qemu VM.

My resulting process has /usr/lib/slic3r/auto/Slic3r/XS/XS.so
mapped, the function _ZN5boost6nowide6setenvEPKcS2_i
would be printed by gdb as this:
     "boost::nowide::setenv(char const*, char const*, int)@plt"
But I could not see gdb trapping at this breakpoint.
Maybe I have not a good input file for this.

Kind regards,

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