[3dprinter-general] Bug#1023365: prusa-slicer: Wrong wxWidgets Version linked during debian Build resulting in instant SIGSEGV on launch (due to lacking wxWidgets 3.2 support)

Chow Loong Jin hyperair at debian.org
Wed Dec 21 03:21:03 GMT 2022

block 1023365 by 1024147
retitle 1023365 Compatibility problems with wxwidgets3.2

I've fixed the segfault by applying the patch from [1], but there's one
issue remaining -- PrusaSlicer fails to initialize GLEW due to [2],
resulting in the plater screen not showing up, same as this SuperSlicer

I've also attempted to roll PrusaSlicer back to wxwidgets3.0, including
dropping all the wx3.2-related distro patches but it segfaults for an
entirely different reason now, and I haven't had the time to figure it
out (it's starting to look like a gcc bug to do with std::vector, but
that doesn't make any sense).

[1] https://bugs.debian.org/1022234
[2] https://bugs.debian.org/1024147
[3] https://github.com/supermerill/SuperSlicer/issues/1093

Kind regards,
Loong Jin
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