[Alioth-staff-replacement] Notes from the salsa.d.o meeting

Alexander Wirt formorer at debian.org
Thu Sep 28 20:24:51 UTC 2017


we had a meeting about the status and the next steps of salsa.d.o (git
replacement). Here are my notes of that meeting. 



Alioth Meeting 2017-09-28 19:00 - 20:00 UTC



salsa.d.o status
group Namespacing
status of the userregistration webfrontend
 time schedule for migration
volunteers for moderation of repo/group creation - do we need that? Or should just every DD be master of the debian group? (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/permissions.html )
everything else I forgot


Gitlab CE is now installed via ansible on the DSA controlled machine godard.debian.org. Its official
service name will be salsa.debian.org.org. Salsa will replace the old hostname git.debian.org. We 
won't reuse git.debian.org later. It will be turned into a readonly archive with the deprecation of

We have a tool that is able to import Debian Developers as Users into gitlab. On every change of an SSH Key
the Developer will get mail about it.

Everything is managed via ansible and you can find our roles in: 

Next steps
1) fine tuning of the configuration
2) reset database the last time
3) get a webfrontend for userregistration
4) NonBlocker: get a webfrontend for group management (manually creating them based on issues should be fine in the beginning)
5) go into beta!
6) testing, testing, testing
7) leave beta


We decided about the following timeline
    -  fine tuning til 28th Oct
    - beta starting from Sunday 29th Oct til 25th Nov
    - GO Live 26th Nov


Subgroups can't have pages! Repos in Groups are fine. Therefore we will limit ourselfs to a flat hierarchy:

    /debian/$repo <- collab-maint replacement
    /$name-team/$repo <- team repo
    /$login/$repo <- Debian Developer Repo
    /${login}-guest/$repo Non Debian Developer Repo

Every Group is fine to create Subgroups, but they can't have pages in repos in subgroups

Git Pages

We won't have custom domains for repos  as the pages daemon is running as non-root. 
Our pages namespace is *.pages.debian.net. 
Example: http://debian.pages.debian.net/Test123/
We will try to get a wildcard cert to support SSL for *.pages.debian.net

Status of userreg frontend

Pixelpapst is hopefully working on it. We will try to get a statement from him. This is very important, the userreg frontend
is a blocker for the beta. 


formorer will provide a tagged, global runner for building pages for the beta. But we will ask DSA about 
a VM with docker or try to find other sponsors. (If you want to sponsor a CI buildhost for Debian please get in touch 
with formorer at debian.org)

 Mail stuff:
     We will try to add X-Debian header to all outoing mail

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