[Android-tools-devel] Fdroid Repo Archive

paul_adt at kaffeemitkoffein.de paul_adt at kaffeemitkoffein.de
Wed Oct 24 16:48:49 BST 2018

Hi everybody,

not sure if this is probably not the best place to ask, but:

I have a f-droid repo running at https://kaffeemitkoffein.de/fdroid/repo

How do I make older versions of apks available?

I just copy my apks into the fdroid/repo folder, run

fdroid update --create #-metadata

fdroid update

fdroid server updata

But that never makes older apks available and/or stored in 
fdroid/archive. All the archive_ vars in config.py are set and 
archive_older = 3.

I guess I miss something very simple that is not described anywhere. Can 
somebody help???



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