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Sun Nov 25 21:20:51 GMT 2018

*Dear Friend*

*Estate of Engr. Brian Thomas. *

*I wish to notify you that I like to enlisted you as a beneficiary to the
bequest of some funds  in US dollars [Amount to be disclosed later] in the
codicil and last testament of my  deceased Client. The late **Mr. Brian
Thomas** until his death was a former Managing Director and pioneer staff
of a big construction company in China and later invested in poultry farm
and rice. *

* He established himself as a wealthy farmer in Asia where he exported rice
and other poultry produce. He was a very dedicated man and a great
philanthropist during his lifetime. He involved himself in helping people
by giving invest able loans in agriculture and health care ventures. Late **Mr.
Brian Thomas** died on 9th March 2010 at the age of 78. He has since been
buried on the 23rd of March 2010. He was a US citizen, lived in Asia all
through his active years but later moved down to London UK due to long-term
illness where he died in a specialist hospital. He was married but without
a child and lost his wife in 1986 due to breast cancer. *

*He said in his words as stated in his last testament that "it is my
desired wish to see that the poor and less privileged are given assistance
by any means and limit this token could go, especially in Asia, Africa and
South America having seen it all myself.*

*Please be informed that if the said amount is unclaimed over a period of
time, the bank will in turn confiscate the money, you know quite well that
the bank will use the funds to pay their fat executives bonus leaving the
poor masses suffering.*

* He therefore advised that 20% of the proceeds be used for charity
annually, while 80% be retained by the beneficiary for his efforts, In my
next email I will explain to you how the 80% will be utilized.*

*  I will also like to bring to your notice that this transaction is not a
scam and its risk free, I have all necessary information to back you up and
will lead you all through this process, my next email will also direct you
to the holding company ie the firm that hold the funds in question.*

*I hereby request that you reconfirm the information below for proper
identification of your person*

*(1)*   *Your current telephone/ cell phone numbers*

*(2)*   * Your current forwarding address *

*Please note that this is for real. *

*Yours faithfully, *

*Andrea Brown (llb. Lon) Estate of Brian Thomas*
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