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The Buster release is near and this is an overview of what our packages will look like in Buster.

Thanks to the joint effort between 3 GSoC students and us, we've managed to update most C/C++ part of the SDK to AOSP 8.1.0_r23 release. Most of them are now in Buster/Testing with some exceptions:

* android-platform-art: FTBFS on armhf but I'll get it fixed someday.
* android-platform-dalvik: Depends on `android-framework-23` which FTBFS and is not trivial to fix. I have no plan to dive in it.
* android-sdk-meta: Not all parts of the SDK is in a good shape right now.

On the Java part the situation is not good. Due to the lack of Kotlin in Debian archive, we are unable to update any of them to the latest release. In the meantime, `android-platform-tools-base` FTBFS because of post-Java-8 issues, but might be easy to fix as well. I'm not sure if I have time to fix it.

But after that FTBFS is fixed, all Java part of the SDK will be in Buster.

Goals in post-Buster:

* Kotlin
* android-sdk-platform-28 (or 29, or "latest")
* More components (e.g. D8 & R8)

Therefore, we really need more developers... Hans started a thread [1] in F-Droid about this already.

Kai-Chung Yan

[1]: https://forum.f-droid.org/t/call-for-help-making-free-software-builds-of-the-android-sdk/4685

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