[Aptitude-devel] Changesets 00288a0dcae2 through 4710b5c94fcc

Daniel Burrows dburrows at debian.org
Thu Dec 4 05:01:38 UTC 2008

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 07:45:34PM -0800, Daniel Burrows <dburrows at debian.org> was heard to say:
>   The Package menu still doesn't apply to the currently active tab.  I
> think that in order to handle this, we'll have to allow tabs to know
> whether they're currently selected.  I'll implement a flag on each Tab,
> along with signals when a tab is selected or deselected (with a
> guarantee that deselection is sent before selection).

  Hm, it might be a little more complicated than that.  Also, this is a
general problem; for instance, when the Undo menu item is hooked up
we'll need to ensure that it applies only to the active tab (since the
resolver has a different undo stack than the package cache).


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