[Aptitude-devel] APT::Authentication and local sources

Sébastien NOBILI sebnewsletter at free.fr
Tue Mar 11 10:09:10 UTC 2008


I'm not sure whether this list is the correct one for my request, but
I've tried user MLs with no success and this list seems to be the
closest to APT development...

To speed-up installation phases, I'm loop-mounting the Debian archive
ISO images on my system. I've updated my sources.list so that APT
fetches packages from there :
    deb file:/mnt/debian/1/ etch main contrib

The cache update (aptitude update) is correct, but when I'm trying to
install a package, APT complains about unauthenticated source (the
Release file on the DVD images is not GPG-signed).

I've found « APT::Authentication::TrustCDROM "true"; » in my apt.conf an
I'd like to find an equivalent telling APT to trust local sources
(accessed via « file:/ ») or any other way to indicate that these sources
can be trusted.

I don't want to use « APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated » as I'm still
using some online sources.

First of all, is it the correct place for such a question ? If not,
could anyone point me to the correct list / website ?
Second, does anyone have clues / solutions / anything to properly get rid
of this warning ?


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