[Aptitude-devel] Preparing a new aptitude release.

Daniel Burrows dburrows at debian.org
Wed Mar 12 06:24:48 UTC 2008

  Hello, everyone.

  I've got enough bug-fixes and new features into the aptitude source
tree that I think it's time for a new release.  This includes:

  * Use the same configuration option as apt to disable Recommends,
    so --without-recommends works again. (#448561)
  * Make "update" work even if there's a problem in the local package
    lists. (#468751)
  * Fix "safe-upgrade" in some cases where you would have to run it
    twice in a row to get all the upgrades.
  * Eliminate some cases where aptitude would break holds and forbids
    (I need an ABI-changing patch against apt to fix the rest).
  * Get the codebase compiling with g++-4.3.
  * Fix "aptitude show" to not reverse the "automatically installed" flag.
  * Support for the centralized debtags infrastructure
    (makes startup quicker by dropping the "loading tags..." step)
  * Support for multi-level package descriptions from Paul Donohue,
    which incidentally removes the hardcoding of the standard list
    of descriptions (hopefully this will make life easier for
    maintainers in derived distributions).

  I know the installer team is preparing a release, so I won't upload
just yet.  Will I disrupt anyone if I release after the installer beta
is finalized?


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