[Aptitude-devel] inkscape now required to compile aptitude (FTBFS...)

Obey Arthur Liu arthur at milliways.fr
Sun Apr 26 09:00:22 UTC 2009

Daniel Burrows a écrit :
>   Hi all,
>   The changes to the docs I checked in this morning include a figure
> drawn in Inkscape.  Because SVG renderers aren't especially prevalent
> yet and often don't render the same drawing the same way, I decided to
> "compile" the SVG to a .png when generating the documentation, and I
> decided to use Inkscape (since I know it'll produce something that
> looks like what I drew).  That means that as of the current head
> revision, you need to install Inkscape to compile the aptitude
> documentation.

Aptitude experimental is currently FTBFS on alpha, *amd64*, hppa, mips,
s390, sparc...

I only noticed now because I recently switched archs on one of my
computers but inkscape is broken on amd64 because of
libmagick10/libmagick10++. Imagemagick is in bad shape currently with an
RFH on it..

I suggest (in fact, I already did it, it should be perfectly fine)
switching to rsvg for on-the-fly svg to png conversion. The output looks
perfectly fine to me. The only problem is that it doesn't crop to image.
I cropped the svg source files in inkscape instead (file > document
properties > crop page to selection) in the HEAD branch.

I couldn't find the hg-buildpackage debian branch for aptitude
experimental though so I'll leave that part to you. Just make a new
bugfix release against HEAD, replacing inkscape with librsvg2-bin in the
build-deps. I already pbuilt it here and it works perfectly ok.

I checked in the whole archive and there's only 7 packages that use
inkscape as build-dep, vs. hundreds that use rsvg, which was made for
this kind of use anyway.



PS.: there are no .svg files in 0.5.2-1...?! I just fixed that in HEAD.

Obey Arthur Liu

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