[Aptitude-devel] Pictures and update of the Spanish translation.

Omar Campagne ocampagne at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 23:00:17 UTC 2009

>  Please check that
> I did everything right (at least I tested via "make distcheck").
Looks fine to me running po4a and xsltproc. Instead of the blank space where
the picture should go, I got the small area with the word "image" in it,
as in the original built version. I suppose pics get added with another
process (in case you didn't notice, I'm not really techy :)

I ran ./configure (to see them with pics) following instructions in
README, and got

./configure: line 7511: syntax error near unexpected token `AX_BOOST_IOSTREAMS'
./configure: line 7511: `AX_BOOST_IOSTREAMS'

Regards, Omar

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