[Aptitude-devel] Pictures and update of the Spanish translation.

Omar Campagne ocampagne at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 02:55:34 UTC 2009

>   The images I took are just raw screenshots, no postprocessing
> involved.  If I remember correctly, they were taken using the Gnome
> screenshot tool in an 80x24 xterm with the default font.

My pictures turn to be way heavier than yours. Up to 38 Kb. Yours go
up to 14 kb, as well as the french translation. That's why my postprocess.
I used gnome-screenshot as well, but on gnome-terminal(?) I'll try

> screenshots / images to take up the full page width).  Probably a
> little spelunking in their docs would turn up the parameter that needs
> to change to adjust this behavior.


Found this around.



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