[Aptitude-devel] changelog ~U

Sebastian Heil sebi at wh-netz.de
Fri Nov 27 12:04:29 UTC 2009

Hello guys,

I noticed that you can only make a changelog on full package name. So
you have to type in something like "aptitude changelog
linux-image-2.6.26-2-686=2.6.26-19". Unlike the other actions you can
not use the search patterns (e.g. aptitude show ~U, aptitude download
~U, ...).
But this would be a greatful feature because now I use apticron
altogether with apt-listchanges and have to let it send me an email
everytime I want to see the changelog of all upgradeable packages.

If the search patterns were active in changelog I could simply use
"aptitude changelog ~U" in the terminal and it would be a big help for me.

Or is there an underlying cause why not all of the actions use the
search patterns?

Thanks in advance
Sebastian Heil

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