[Aptitude-devel] About undo and strict dependency checking

Dario Rodriguez soft.d4rio at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 02:52:05 UTC 2009

Hi, this mail is cause I wanted some features in apt that I think we can
implement as aptitude features, so these aren't part of the "core" system.

UNDO: I think it must be cool. If we commit some errors, we can roll the
system back to the last state before. I think we can add a feature to set a
"rollback script" or something like that. But thinking about it I found
that, if you install packages after this... you can add packages depending
on the installed files, so...

STRICT DEPENDENCY CHECKING: Its a "search for orphaned packages" feature. I
wonder it could be added to aptitude to help the normal users, and as a
complement for the UNDO feature. The packages added but needed by other
newer packages will not be deinstalled. This could also use a caché to avoid
bulding and examining all the depend tree each time we want to remove a
package and all the packages orphaned when we remove it (I say, not the
packages depending on it, but the packages it depends on, and there aren't
other packages using it) (just for libs and data packages obviously)

If such things are not being developed and you agree, then I wonder I can
spend some time on it.

It's my first mail to this list, something about me:

  I'm Argentinian, so sorry if my english is'nt "good" =P
  I actually develop using C/C++ and Oracle for AIX/HP-UX/SunOS systems for
a big company, so I think my time might be useful
  I'm a Debian user and I love It, so I will help you always if I can

Well, I'm going out of lines ... bye everybody, and I hope my time will be
useful for Debian users and sysadmins

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