[Aptitude-devel] Problem building documentation.

Omar Campagne ocampagne at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 16:17:34 UTC 2009

Bit more info..

I downloaded again the sources, and tried to generate the html from the 
existent es.po file in HEAD, which I had already built successfully 
before sending the diff so Jens could upload it. He also rechecks my 
stuff to avoid errors, so the process should have had the same ending, 
the html. The previous email story was based on my updated working 
copy,not the one in HEAD.

Upon trying to open the aptitude.xml file based on the HEAD's es.po, now 
Conglomerate just crashes with:

Entity: line 8: parser error : Attribute xml:lang redefined
        <description xml:lang="en_CA" xml:lang="en">This is a document 
type associated

** (conglomerate:23385): WARNING **: Problem parsing xds file: readme.xds.

** Message: coverage of Website Layout = 0.000359
** Message: coverage of Conglomerate Release Notes = 0.099337
** Message: coverage of TEI Lite = 0.131971
** Message: coverage of XSL stylesheet = 0.000000
** Message: coverage of XHTML 1.0 (strict) = 0.000000
** Message: coverage of Experimental "cnxml" format = 0.180294
** Message: coverage of Conglomerate Display Specification = 0.000000
** Message: coverage of DocBook = 0.834051
** Message: coverage of RELAX NG = 0.000000
** Message: coverage of Apache Documentation DTD v1.2 = 0.076744
** Message: coverage of Webpage = 0.610274
** Message: coverage of "Kernel Traffic" Newsletter = 0.070020
** Message: coverage of Experimental "opml" format = 0.012641
assertion failed: (should_have_traversal_node (xml_node))

For the ones that don't use this editor, when conglomerate has done this 
before, it won't mean that's the only error, just the big one. Since it 
crashes, I cannot offer more info, no -verbose with this program.
I hope this is useful. Please feel free to tell me how to give more info 
if necessary.


Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Can anyone else reproduce these problems?  I just tried building the
> documentation from scratch and it worked fine.
>   Daniel
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