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Jeff youyaokais14shia at yahoo.de
Mon May 10 10:02:45 UTC 2010

Website Design & Development:

You are receiving this email beacsue we wish you to use our Website Design Services.

We are a China based experienced and well established web design studio specializing in website design and e-commerce development. With our team's combined experience in graphic design, website development, Flash animation and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers can deliver on time and on budget!

Core offerings:
Business website design
Business website redesign
Flash website design
Flash website redesign
Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website redesign
Company website design
Company catalog design
Company logo design
SEO service
ERP Solutions

Pls check our website to see our portfolios.

Best regards,
Jeffnoosan Information Technologies
Website Team
Contact: ibjonathan at yeah.net

Send address to kindljohasthan at msn.com for remove


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