[Aptitude-devel] Vocab builder (f.ree): Get 20 words daily. 45 day challenge

Lavanya lavanya_9812 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 12:24:20 UTC 2010

Hi , 
Get 20 words daily (f.ree) and memorize for CAT, GRE, 
GMAT, SAT, TOEFL-IELTS and for school and college vocab, 
and vocab for executives and general vocab. 

Download free report: 7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes...
Free videos on motivation, # time waster, goals ...

Go here to join now: http://www.DailyVocabBuilder.com 

NOTE: If you don't want to join, do nothing.
Address: www.MindMachineLab.com, 59 Sector 4, Udaipur-313002 India 

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