[Aptitude-devel] Bug#658635: workaround for "Resolver extremely reluctant to upgrade packages to experimental"

Max Kirillov max at max630.net
Thu Aug 2 07:25:03 UTC 2012

Seems like I have found a workaround for this issue. Put following lines
to you apt.conf:

Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Break-Hold-Level 50000;
Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Keep-All-Level 40000;
Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Remove-Level 20000;
Aptitude::ProblemResolver::Non-Default-Level 15000;

The default levels and explanation can be found in documentation which
can be installed by apt-get install aptitude-doc-en.

PS: looks like there is no difference in costs between removing the
package which was asked to be upgraded and removing of some other
package. So there is a tradeoff in setting Remove-Level vs other levels.
I found the value most appropriate for me.

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