[Aptitude-devel] Bug#695436: aptitude: user extensions

Daniel Hartwig mandyke at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 03:27:34 UTC 2012

Package: aptitude
Severity: wishlist
Tags: confirmed

> Dear self
> Many features requested for aptitude are only useful in a small number
> of cases, yet could be quite difficult to implement or maintain.  It
> would be great if aptitude was extensible and the user could provide
> scripts for these features.

Dear self

Thanks for your mail.  I have long planned to implement support for
extensions.  There are other high-priority issues to be addressed first,
but this request will not be far off.

My current plan is to support Scheme extensions, because everybody likes
Scheme.  Early investigations show that this will be a straight-forward
task.  Others may prefer to use Python due to the existing APT bindings
and work based on the same.

This report will be used for two purposes:
- as a blocker of requests for useful features that are not otherwise
  being considered for inclusion in aptitude proper; and
- discussing ideas pertaining to the proposed extension support.


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