[Aptitude-devel] About the status and plans for aptitude

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Jan 14 17:21:51 UTC 2012

Quoting Diggory Hardy (diggory.hardy at gmail.com):
> Hello (Christian, Daniel, Manuel, Axel?)
> (Can't actually reply to a mail I didn't receive, but I hope this will do.)
> I also saw Christian's post about reviving work on aptitude. I didn't
> realise it was actually needing work (other than seeing a few error
> messages sprawled across the screen now and then) — I've always thought it
> much better than any other package manager I've tried!
> I'm new to work on debian and usually shy away from volunteering on account
> of never managing to achieve as much as I'd hoped, though maybe it's about
> time considering I've been using debian since around 2005 (7 years
> already?). Unlike Christian and Axel I do have C++ skills, so maybe I can
> be useful somewhere.
> So how might I best be of use?

You can either go throught the bug log and find those where an "easy"
patch would be needed.

Or review the existing patches that haven't been reviewed...

Or try reproducing bugs....

In general, the overall need is for a general bug triage. Maybe focus
on bugs that require investigating the code as you have the needed
skills to understand it..:-)

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