[Aptitude-devel] Bug#312920: Bug#312920: marked as done (writes when nothing should be written)

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 10:36:49 UTC 2012

2012/3/21 Daniel Hartwig <mandyke at gmail.com>:
> Note that it still takes over ten times longer than apt-get even in
> the trivial situation:

I put the emphasis on the title of the bug report, "writes when
nothing should be written".  The comment about taking long to execute
for me is secondary, a subproduct, a side-comment.

I agree that 2s is far more time that it should be desirable, but yet
it's 2s and nobody is going to die because of that.  All of the
initialisation process is suboptimal (according to comments to
dburrows in other bug reports), it should be addressed separately and
comprehensively and for many commands, not just when the package is
not found, IMO.

In other words, the speed issue is not especific a problem that
happens when the package is not found, but a general problem of
aptitude, so I don't think that this bug report should be kept open
because of that.

So if this issue is going to live in the BTS I would rather have a new
bug report, indicating all of the commands (install, show, etc)
affected, and gathering information / merging bug reports -- there are
quite a few of them complaining about resources / speed.

But if you prefer to keep it open go ahead, I'm not going to argue.


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