[Aptitude-devel] Bug#665824: possibility for the user to mark installed packages with some kind of text

r.3 at libertysurf.fr r.3 at libertysurf.fr
Mon Mar 26 12:58:31 UTC 2012

Package: aptitude

A usefull feature would be to be able to install a group of packages under a user defined meta package name. After a while, when we forget
about the mess we have installed, it would be easier to uninstall things.

For example :
aptitude install -meta william-debian-packaging-tutorial build-essential devscripts debhelper
[one week later]
aptitude search william
[shows among packages william-debian-packaging-tutorial]
aptitude install -meta william-debian-packaging-tutorial cdbs
[1 hour later]
aptitude install -meta william-debian-packaging-tutorial sbuild lintian
[2 months later]
aptitude --purge remove william-debian-packaging-tutorial

gives a way to do this, but it takes more time and it is not very user friendly. Furthermore, it is not easy to update a meta package.

I think this whish item is strongly related to this one : 497642.



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