[Aptitude-devel] Changes to git branches

Daniel Hartwig mandyke at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 04:05:53 UTC 2012


Regarding some recent changes to aptitude's git repository:


Development has been proceeding on the stable-0.6 branch.  The current
master branch has changes that ended up in the 0.6.9 series and these
will not be used (in their current form) in any future release.

The 0.6.9 series has been archived on a new branch, experimental-0.6.9.

The master branch will soon be changed to match stable-0.6 in
preparation for future development.  This will disrupt your next “git
pull”, so please be aware and save any local changes before this
happens.  To recover your local master branch after this change:

$ git fetch
$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard origin/master


I have pushed two new branches, debian-sid and upstream-sid, containing
the packaging work targetted at sid (currently also wheezy).  The old
debian and upstream branches are no longer in use and will probably
disappear shortly.  If you work from the debian-sid branch I have
updated git-buildpackage (debian/gbp.conf) for the new names.

Active branches:
 - master: development of next major release;
 - stable-0.6: development suitable for updates to wheezy;
 - upstream-sid: imported from master;
 - debian-sid: packaging;

and after wheezy is released, also these:
 - upstream-wheezy: imported from stable-0.6;
 - debian-wheezy: packaging.

Changes suitable for updating wheezy should be developed on stable-0.6,
then later merged to master.  Thus our git workflow is extended to
support both stable and development releases.

Another option is to merge the development and packaging branches and
just have debian-foo branches.  This avoids the (small) overhead of
maintaining a separate NEWS and debian/changelog as we have been.  I
will not do this before wheezy to avoid spending time fixing any
problems with this transition.


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