[Aptitude-devel] Bug#693144: Bug#693144: aptitude should honour explicit installation request in connection with markauto package

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Wed Nov 14 12:24:12 UTC 2012


Daniel Hartwig wrote:
> On 14 November 2012 18:03, Elmar S. Heeb <elmar at heebs.ch> wrote:
> > BTW, I am fine with either behaviour but I would strongly vote for a
> > consistent policy between apt and aptitude.
> In future versions aptitude will adopt apt-get's behaviour.

Daniel Hartwig wrote:
> In the past, it was considered convenient to allow users to upgrade
> packages using “aptitude install foo”, without altering the
> auto-installed state.  However, current apt thinking is that “install”
> should always mark the requested packages as manually installed.  That
> is the default behaviour in libapt-pkg, as used by apt-get, etc..
> We will change this in aptitude shortly.  Whether I push this for
> Wheezy or not is yet undecided.  It would be ideal to fix this and
> remain consistent with other apt programs, however, we are also in
> deep freeze

I don't think such a change will be accepted for Wheezy in the current
state of freeze. But I've got the feeling that aptitude for Jessie
will be awesome. :-)

> and it does not cause serious problems.

I wouldn't be so sure here, as it changes the behaviour on the
commandline subtly but severely if you rely on the current behaviour
that it doesn't change the markauto state.

BTW, would that change the behaviour when you press + on a package
marked as auto in interactive mode, too? That'd be very annoying when
doing selective upgrades interactively.

> > Interestingly, the interactive behaviour is different here from the one
> > on the command line.  If I hit '-' on rsstail and the '+' on openssl it
> > would keep openssl and mark it as manually installed.
> Indeed.  The interactive processing is different, with auto-removals
> processed immediately.  It is equivalent to:
> # aptitude remove --schedule-only rsstail
> # aptitude install --schedule-only openssl
> # aptitude install
> For various reasons, the semantics must be different here than when
> specifying all actions at once.

I'd be happy if there would be a possibility to do those all in one
command, because aptitude needs quite some time for startup and
finish. The same counts for -u only working for interactive mode, but
not for commandline mode.

Or in other words, it would be cool if you could pass parameters to
aptitude so that you can do non-interactively the same things you
would do interactively. (Doesn't need to be any of the current
commands or syntax for me.) Because that's what Elmar and me are
trying to do with aptitude-robot.

(I can file separate wishlist bugs for those things, if wanted.)

		Regards, Axel
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