[Aptitude-devel] Bug#658271: Bug#658271: Bug#681023: aptitude: quit keybinding lost under some circumstances

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Wed Jan 30 13:36:26 UTC 2013


Daniel Hartwig wrote:
> If anyone else experiences this please let us know as I would like to
> get an idea of how widespread the issue is.
> On 10 July 2012 08:38, Axel Beckert <abe at debian.org> wrote:
> > I experienced the following already with some earlier aptitude version,
> > but with 0.6.9 I ran into it nearly everytime I use the interactive
> > mode:

I still have one box where I have 0.6.9.x installed. Ran into it there
again today.

> > While "q" still closes open tabs, it no more quits the program and hence
> > the only chance to save my changes (e.g. marking stuff as automatically
> > installed) is to make some changes which result in installing or
> > removing a packages so that the state is saved on "gg".
> I have never been able to reproduce this.  The logic for quitting is
> more-or-less contained within src/ui.cc, around the function do_quit
> and signal file_quit.  Inspecting that, I do not see any obvious
> problems.

One thing, which I'm not 100% sure about, but which may help to track
this down, is that I (IIRC) only ran into it if at least one other tab
was opened in the meantime. Sometimes just pressing "g", doing quite
some package state changes, and then quitting the preview with "q"
again sufficed, but not always. Especially I could not reproduce this
case deterministically.

Sometimes it also happened after I pressed "Enter" on the "Please
press enter to continue" prompt after an install run started from TUI.
But not always and not deterministically to reproduce either.

It though IIRC never happened if I never opened a second tab.

> Axel, Matthew, could you please provide a copy of your apt config?
> Aptitude 0.6.9-1~exp1 includes the undocumented command "aptitude
> dump-config" which will show exactly what aptitude does see.


> I do not think hardware is an issue as Axel's report indicates he is
> running the same hardware as I (Kernel: Linux 3.4-trunk-686-pae (SMP
> w/1 CPU core)).
> Some debug information would be also be useful.  For reference, a
> successful quit (though this does not look at problems related to
> cwidget):

I've now installed aptitude-dbg on the box where I experienced this
recently and I try to remember to attach gdb to the process in case I
experience the issue again.

		Regards, Axel
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