[Aptitude-devel] Bug#704851: Suggestion

Nicolas Nobelis nicolas at nobelis.eu
Tue Jul 2 07:32:42 UTC 2013

Hello Osamu,

I'm happy to see that there is some effort going towards tidying 
Aptitude multiarch view.

May I suggest to have a command line parameter or a menu to force 
Aptitude to show only one arch ?

The use case is the following : I have a 64 bits system with multiarch 
for i386 and I installed only 1 i386 package. Now, 99% of my 
interactions with Aptitude will be to install packages for my system, 
i.e. 64 bits ones.
Therefore, most of the time I don't need to see the 32 bits packages.

Please tell me if it makes sense.

Thanks by advance,


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