[Aptitude-devel] Bug#708812: Bug#716944: google-mock: please upload r437 snapshot to syncronize with recent gtest snapshot

Fredrik Hallenberg megahallon at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 16:47:29 BST 2013

Sorry for not responding on this, I had planned to take a look at it next
week. Feel free to upload your fixed package.

On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Andreas Barth <aba at ayous.org> wrote:

> severity 716944 serious
> tag 716828 + patch
> tag 708812 + patch
> thanks
> * Daniel Hartwig (mandyke at gmail.com) [130727 15:34]:
> > gtest is recently bumped to 1.7.0~svn20130629-2 [1].  The 1.6.0
> > release of googlemock is incompatible with this, though r437 [2] is.
> > Please upload that version to keep the packages functional.
> >
> > I appreciate that you do not use the embedded copy of gtest, so let us
> > keep these syncronized.
> I built a package of google-mock based on the current svn snapshot.
> Using that, I can confirm that aptitude builds again (with patches
> from head to build with gcc-4.8, which is the default now on most
> arches), and in turn this resolves the issue that aptitude segfaults
> on mips* (see #708812). Resolving that would allow us to re-enable
> building experimental on mips*.
> Because of that, I adjusted the severity of this bug report. Also, if
> you want I could upload the fixed google-mock package now (or if you
> don't disagree, I would upload it next weekend to allow us to get our
> infrastructure back working again).
> Andi
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