[Aptitude-devel] Bug#716828: Bug#716944: google-mock: please upload r437 snapshot to syncronize with recent gtest snapshot

Andreas Barth aba at ayous.org
Sat Jul 27 20:00:40 BST 2013

* Fredrik Hallenberg (megahallon at gmail.com) [130727 17:47]:
>    Sorry for not responding on this, I had planned to take a look at it
>    next week. Feel free to upload your fixed package.

Thanks for your fast answer and for your permission to upload.

I however would like to ask you to check I didn't mess up anything
when you have time - especially as there are different patches in
debian/patches/ which are according to series not applied (same in
1.6.0, so it doesn't stop me from uploading, but these patches should
IMHO either be removed or applied, whatever makes sense).


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