[Aptitude-devel] Bug#707320: aptitude: implement partially forgetting new packages

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Thu May 9 02:24:44 UTC 2013

Package: aptitude
Severity: wishlist
Tags: upstream


With respect to new packages and the option "Forget new packages" (f key)
I'd find the following to be useful.

Currently, when pressing f, the whole tree of all new packages is forgotten.
I think it would be usful that one can only forget parts of it.

The idea of the new package is that one can go through them and find
anything useful, right?
But often (especially between stable releases) there are really a lot new
packages and one doesn't want to go through the whole list at once.
Or one might want to clear out all "uninteresting" new packages and keep
the others in kind of a "to remember list".

So what about extending "f" like the following:

When having about this:
--\ New Packages (20)
  --- debug - Debugging symbols (3)
  --\ devel - Utilities and programs for software development (1)
    --\ main - The main Debian archive (1)
p     eclipse-cdt-launch-remote
  --- doc - Documentation and specialized programs for viewing documentation (3)
  --- java - Java programming language and libraries (6)
  --- libdevel - Development files for libraries (1)
  --- libs - Collections of software routines (5)
  --- python - Python programming language and libraries (1)

- If either "New Packages" is selected or anything completely outside the
  "New Packages"-tree (e.g. something from "Installed Packages"
  => behave as now, clean the whole list.
- If a tree node, like "devel" or "devel/main" is selected, clean the
  respective tree
- If a leave (i.e. single package) is selected, clean just that single package.


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