[Aptitude-devel] Bug#757028: aptitude: aptitude does not install new essential packages automatically

Stanley Schade nood0131 at web.de
Tue Aug 5 01:02:17 UTC 2014

Hi again,

Am Montag, 4. August 2014, 19:08:35 schrieb Axel Beckert:
> Hi,
> Stanley Schade wrote:
> [...] aptitude does not install the new init package automatically,
> > though it is marked as essential.
> ... which is what I would expect. AFAIK there's no obligation to
> install essential packages if they pop up newly -- unless another
> package depends on it..
I could not find such an obligation either. Reading the transition plan 
for the change of the init system [1] several times, I found that in 
step b/ sysvinit will be modified to pre-depend on init requiring it to 
be installed. This also indicates that such an obligation does not 
exist. Thus, filing this bug was an error on my side, you might as well 
close it. Sorry and thanks for your quick response.
> [...]
> IMHO this also fits perfectly into the plan, that existing
> installations don't get their init system changed while new
> installations get systemd by default (via the mentioned package).
Offtopic: From what I know, this is not correct. According to [1] 
existing installations will install systemd-sysv rather than sysvinit-
core if the latter is not installed manually. Thus, their init system 
will change to systemd. If you're using a desktop like KDE in Jessie, 
the init system already changed to systemd (which is the case for my 
system for example).

Regards, Stanley 

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2014/07/msg00611.html

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