[Aptitude-devel] Bug#570377: aptitude chooses to remove packages instead of upgrading

Daniel Hartwig mandyke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 16:56:26 UTC 2014

On 4 February 2014 19:53, Vincent Lefevre <vincent at vinc17.net> wrote:
> On 2014-02-04 10:49:53 +0800, Daniel Hartwig wrote:
>> Again, I am only addressing the proposed patch.  There are better
>> options, such as adjusting the default value of
>> Aptitude::ProblemResolver::SolutionCost to account for the number of
>> removals vs installs, or similar, but people should use such settings
>> and provide feedback on the quality of the solutions and their order.
> It would be better if aptitude could tell the reasons that led to the
> proposed solution.

Do you mean:

 --\ icedtea6-plugin depends upon openjdk-6-jre (= 6b18-1.8.13-0+squeeze2)
    -> Remove icedtea6-plugin [6b18-1.8.13-0+squeeze2 (now, oldstable)]
  --\ openjdk-6-jre depends upon libjpeg8
    -> Remove openjdk-6-jre [6b18-1.8.13-0+squeeze2 (now)]


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