[Aptitude-devel] Thanks for the bug triage over the past few days and weeks

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 18:42:09 UTC 2014

2014-02-09 12:42 Axel Beckert:
>I told Manuel this on IRC already, but I think I should also say this
>in public on the mailing list:
>Thanks for the bug triage over the past few days and weeks!

Still, you are responsible for ~2% of open bugs and submitted 2 of
them recently!  Not helping! ;-P


Thanks for noticing, but I'm still fixing the low hanging fruit
though, of which there's still quite a bit... so the graphics look
good but aptitude itself is not improved that much.

>http://qa.debian.org/data/bts/graphs/a/aptitude.png looks impressive.
>(I suspect DonKult will be cursing again. ;-)

I'm missing the reference :-?

>I'm also glad to see Daniel Hartwig back in the game and look forward
>to our next releases.

Yes, it's very good, it seems that the changes from wip-cmdline will
be integrated and sooner than (I) expected.

>I'll try to catch up with the comments on the bug-reports…

Other than from bug reports, there's one email where I was asking if
you would like to prepare a release, at lest for the Debian part.

If you're short on time it's OK and it can be some other time and I
can manage, but the more people know how to do releases the better.


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