[Aptitude-devel] Bug#748427: Bug#748427: menu during package config defeats this user

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sat May 17 08:29:21 UTC 2014

Control: reassign -1 debconf 1.5.49


Lou Poppler wrote:
> I used interactive aptitude to install several choices from within task
> debian-science.
> Near the end of the install process I got a screen with a text menu which
> claimed to be "Configuring science-config"

That's not aptitude asking you, but debconf. Reassigning accordingly.

Full quote for the debconf maintainers:

> and instructing me: "Please select, among the whole system user list, users
> who should get a Debian Science user menu."
> with a text-mode list of users with apparently text-mode check boxes by
> each username, and choices <OK> and <cancel>
> at the bottom of the screen.
> Unfortunately there was no hint about what keys or what input might affect
> the check boxes or might navigate to the OK and Cancel
> buttons.  I wanted to select both users, and the cursor seemed to be inside
> the first check-box, so I guessed that maybe the enter
> key might select that check box.  This was a bad choice, because it exited
> me from the menu, apparently without selecting any user.
> After looking at man files, and help documentation, I still have no idea
> what I should have done.
> I also have no idea how to revisit this choice and select some usernames.
> I file this bug, because I think it would be nice to have some hint on the
> text-mode menu screen,
> like maybe "[X selects/unselects]"  "[TAB moves to next option]"  ["ENTER
> means exit"]
> or _whatever_ the actual inputs are that I should use with this menu screen.
> Or even some text explaining where to look to find out how it works.
> If this text-mode screen comes from some other program invoked by aptitude,
> I would appreciate even learning that information.

P.S.: From the version of aptitude, I'm guessing, you are using Debian
Wheezy. Hence reassigning to the version of debconf in Debian Wheezy.

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