[Aptitude-devel] Bug#797270: Bug#797270: aptitude: fails to download changelogs when $TMPDIR is readable by root only

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sat Aug 29 04:20:27 UTC 2015

Control: reassign -1 apt,libpam-tmpdir
Control: found -1 apt/1.1~exp11
Control: found -1 libpam-tmpdir/0.09

Hi Brian,

brian m. carlson wrote:
> I use libpam-tmpdir, which provides per-user temporary directories. It
> sets, $TMP, $TMPDIR, $TEMP, and $TEMPDIR to point to /tmp/user/<uid>.
> With the version in experimental (but not unstable), I get the following
> error:
>   Failed to download the changelog of python3-uno: No pude abrir el fichero /tmp/user/0/aptitude-root.525687:HkECYl/aptitudeDownload+z%ZfwHySLdJqfSCq5yLP8IXVuWde4kI - open (13: Permission denied) [IP: 80]
> I'm unclear why I'm seeing this error as I'm running aptitude under
> sudo, therefore giving me root privileges.

Because APT 1.1~exp* uses an unprivileged user named _apt for
downloads if running under root privileges.

IIRC I heard people at DebConf complaining about libpam-tmpdir being
broken in general (maybe because of https://bugs.debian.org/760022),
but IIRC also specifically in combination with apt 1.1~exp*.

Reassigning to apt,libpam-tmpdir for now as I found no according bug
report against neither apt nor libpam-tmpdir.

		Regards, Axel
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