[Aptitude-devel] feature request: show version of pkg in search result

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Fri Jan 23 10:16:50 GMT 2015


U.Mutlu wrote:
> is it possible to output also the version (and architecture) of a
> pkg when doing a search?


> For example this command shows the version of the installed pkg:
> # dpkg -l | grep -i lxc
> ii  lxc   1:1.0.6-6   amd64   Linux Containers userspace tools
> But aptitude search unfortunately doesn't show any version number:
> # aptitude -V -t testing search lxc
> i   lxc    - Linux Containers userspace tools
> Or did I miss a program switch?

>From the man page:

       -F <format>, --display-format <format>

          Specify the format which should be used to display output
 	  from the search and versions commands. For instance,
	  passing “%p %V %v” for <format> will display a package's
	  name, followed by its currently installed version and its
	  available version (see the section “Customizing how
          packages are displayed” in the aptitude reference manual
	  for more information).

          The command-line option --disable-columns is often useful in
	  combination with -F.

          For search, this corresponds to the configuration option
	  Aptitude::CmdLine::Package-Display-Format; for versions,
	  this corresponds to the configuration option

To take your example with the example from the man page:

$ aptitude search -F '%p %V %v' lxc
libclxclient-dev  3.9.0-2        <none>        
libclxclient3     3.9.0-2        <none>        
lxc 		  1:1.0.6-6      1:1.0.6-6     
lxc-dbg 	  1:1.0.6-6      <none>        
lxctl 		  0.3.1+debian-3 0.3.1+debian-3
nova-compute-lxc  2014.1.3-9     <none>   

You can get the full aptitude manual in English at
https://aptitude.alioth.debian.org/doc/en/. Other languages are
available at https://aptitude.alioth.debian.org/doc/.

		Regards, Axel
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