[Aptitude-devel] Bug#803980: Aptitude text interface has poor color contrast on overall progress bar (when downloadng)

David Lawyer dave at lafn.org
Tue Nov 3 20:53:26 UTC 2015

Package: aptitude
Version: 0.7.2-1_i386

When downloading the orange progress bar at the very bottom of the screen
moves slowly across the screen.  The letters on it are hard to read when
the orange progress bar is from say 0 to 50% across the screen due to the
poor color contrast of the blue on orange.  The right part of this line is
white on blue with high contrast and ones eyes expect this high contrast
on the first (left) part of this line too.

There's another problem with this orange progress bar.  If one has a large
download (mine was 300 MB) and a slow modem (mine is 2.88 KB/sec) the
orange part of the bar appears stationary and one may think it's a bug and
shouldn't be there.

My proposed solution is to just eliminate the moving orange progress bar
on the bottom line and keep this line with white letters on a blue
background.  Since the % downloaded is clearly shown in white on blue,
there's no need for a moving overall progress bar which is much less
accurate to read than the numerical value in %.

			David Lawyer

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