[Aptitude-devel] Bug#477122: maybe shouldn't be closed just yet

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 23:57:17 UTC 2015

Control: tags -1 + moreinfo unreproducible

2011-11-23 03:21 Farmbuyer:
>I'm still seeing this in 0.6.4 (the --version output is below).  My
>system apt.conf file contains
>    APT::Install-Recommends "false";
>and the aptitude options screen is correctly noticing that changed
>option.  However, it's still
>trying to install packages for no reason other than that something
>else recommends them.
>Perhaps the bug has resurfaced?

Does it still happen for you, and in that case, can you please provide
an example?

Also, can you test if when launching aptitude, in Options menu, 'Install
recommended packages automatically' is disabled?  It might happen that
you have it enabled in ~/.aptitude/config (in the user or root account).

I haven't noticed this happening (I use this option myself most of the
time) and neither I have seen recent bug reports about the issue.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo at gmail.com>

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