[Aptitude-devel] Bug#498442: say if %T refers to add-user-tag tags or make such an %escape

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 23:45:33 UTC 2015

Control: tags -1 + wontfix


2008-09-10 03:35 jidanni at jidanni.org:
>Package: aptitude
>Severity: wishlist
>  %T Tagged 1 No Outputs “*” if the package is tagged, nothing otherwise.^[16]
>Mention if we're talking about the (--)add-user-tag tags (sounds like
>it) or some other tags.
>I can't test to find out as
>  ^[16] Currently tagging is not supported; this escape is for future use.

This is exactly what it says, an unimplemented feature (akin to mutt

>Wait, now it sounds like some other tags, e.g., debtags.
>OK, anyway do add a %escape to show if a packages has any add-user-tag
>tags. Hmmm, maybe a count of how many too if any...
>And maybe an additonal %escape to give all their names...

There are almost no letters left of these escapes, and I don't think
that it's good to use (more than) one for user-tags for the time being,
since there are other requests in the BTS to use escapes for "source"
packages and others, which probably would see wider use.

So marking +wontfix for the time being.

2008-09-13 12:55 jidanni at jidanni.org:
>Also in the docs,
>|                         |                    |Select packages that are   |
>|?user-tag                |                    |marked with a user-tag     |
>|                         |                    |matching the regular       |
>|                         |                    |expression user-tag.       |
>just like you (almost!, harmonize with the above please) do here:
>   ?user-tag(tag)
>      This term matches any package that is marked with a user-tag matching the
>      regular expression tag.
>Also say debtags here,
>  ?tag(tag), ~Gtag
>      Matches packages whose  Tag field matches the regular expression tag. For
>                             ^DEBTAGS
>      instance, the pattern ?tag(game::strategy) would match strategy games.
>      For more information on tags and debtags, see http://
>      debtags.alioth.debian.org.

It already says "debtags" twice in the paragraph that you pasted, I
would think that it's clear enough.

Presumably, since it mentions "tags and debtags", they were two
different kinds of tags in the past -- I don't remember them, since I
rarely use them or even have them installed.

But in general, tag==debtag and the others are user-tags (and always
named in that way), I don't think that there's ambiguity.

Note to maintainers: the requests in the other messages have been cloned
to other bug reports.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo at gmail.com>

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