[Aptitude-devel] Bug#822272: aptitude: No more forgets reinstallation instruction after reinstallation has happened

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Mon Apr 25 11:22:58 UTC 2016

Hi Manuel,

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:
> >If I select a package for reinstallation by pressing "L" in the TUI and
> >then press 2x "g", the package will be reinstalled.
> >
> >Afterwards at "Press Return to continue, 'q' followed by Return to
> >quit."  I press <Enter> (not Ctrl-C) and it still lists that package for
> >reinstallation.
> Hmmm, I cannot reproduce it

Meh. Ok, I'll dig up some more details which could be related:

* The packages in question are aptitude, aptitude-common,
  aptitude-dbgsym and aptitude-doc-en 0.8-1. I wanted to reinstall
  them because I had initially installed a self-built copy of it.
  Haven't tested other packages yet, but will.

* Recommends disabled
* Minibuffer prompt enabled

> (this is becoming a trend...


> but I am not doing it on purpose, I promise!).

I know. :-)

> I am pretty sure that I tested that this would not happen when
> implementing the feature, because it was the problem that prevented it
> from being implemented before,

Hrm, maybe it's related to respectively only happens due to the new
"aptitude can't uninstall aptitude" feature?

> and also the reason why "q+Enter" needs to do some processing rather
> than exiting more quickly -- to detect upgrades and reinstalls and
> other changes in states, and save it to not repeat them in later
> sessions.

I wonder why this needs to be done _after_ pressing Enter. Is this
because it needs to go back into fullscreen curses mode to do that?

> Does it happen with any package that you try?

Will check later on the same machine where this happened. And also
cross-check on a different machine.

		Regards, Axel
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